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In case you missed it, which dear friend, contributor to Quadrant and retired military man Alistair Pope did not, this letter appeared last week in The Australian:

If you set out to destroy a successful Western democracy, you couldn’t do better than adopt the policies and ideas now prevalent in Australia: high energy costs to exhaust family budgets and make industry unviable; high company taxes to ward off new investment; schools that favour gender issues over maths and English; universities that preach from the texts of the green-left; enforcement of costly delusions about our capacity to affect global emissions; identity politics to help create division; free speech jettisoned for the mirage of equality and diversity; and a military force with fingernails painted pink.

— Philip Temple, Larrakeyah, NT

As to those hot pink military manicures, Defence Minister Marise Payne took time out from squandering billions on the absurd conversion of French nuclear submarines to diesel-electric South Australian ones, to re-affirm what she believes is the ADF’s moral obligation to fund sex-changes and breast augmentation surgeries. That exchange with Pauline Hanson can be viewed via this link or the one below.

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