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Kristina’s Kiddie Korps

The failed NSW premier, failed byelection candidate and machine-anointed recipient of a consolation Senate sinecure called on her side of politics to turn out and oppose the weekend’s CPAC conference in Sydney. Going by the two-dozen or so spotty youths, unkempt harridans and middle-class teen rebels working out their daddy issues, Kristina Keneally is no better at organising rallies than at getting elected.

What a poor lot they were, including the foul-mouthed young lady who was dragged off by police after allegedly emptying a cup of coffee over an arriving member of the CPAC audience. Soon after, as Keneally’s flock were bleating “Tony Abbott, what a maggot”, the grey-haired gentleman above got in their faces, as the Left likes to say and do, with a pair of banners extolling free speech and coal mining.

The kiddies weren’t used to that, and just for a moment the chanting stopped as the choirmasters of contempt flicked through their mental file cards for a slogan.

“This is what democracy looks like,” was the winner. The ferals no doubt consider “democracy” to be the right of one side to shout down the other, but they did have a point. Yes,  that is what democracy looks like: two competing points of views presenting their cases, albeit simplistically in this instance.

As Peter Smith writes at left, confronting the howl-’em-down Left isn’t the best policy, it is the only policy. With mentors such as Kristina Keneally, just how formidable can they be?

— roger franklin

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