The IPCC’s Great Pretender

jpyAs weather wallah Rajendra Pachauri slinks in his singlet from the public stage, shoes in hand and boxers bold with hearts and lipstick kisses, the IPCC’s leading aspirant to the  post of climateer-in-chief is presenting himself as the candidate who will turn on the lights. Apparently, in case you missed earlier bulletins, there is a climate crisis and all life might end, or possibly just get very wet , so Jean-Pascal van Ypersele (above) is pledging himself to  keep the world better informed about what, for 18 years, hasn’t been happening. Expect to hear a lot more about polar bears instead.

Tony Thomas wrote on Ypersele for Quadrant Online in October, and there is more from Hilary Ostrov, who recalls the Belgian’s inspired reaction to the Climategate emails. Exposing the climate community in all its bitchy, bent  ugliness was a sinister plot by Big Carbon, he said, to make climate scientists look bad.

Ostrov, a Canadian, blogs at  The view from Here, available via the link below


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