Infuriating the right people

warningVisitors to Quadrant Online have been encountering the message above, with some fretting that cyber-mischief must be afoot. It is, but that notice does not mean there is anything for would-be readers to fear.

One of the hazards in holding opinions the left disputes is that, rather than argue the case, adherents often take the easier option of using fair means and foul to silence the opposition. For us that has meant an annoyance known to geeks and nerds as a “denial of service attack”, implemented by blitzing our servers with robot logons intended to overwhelm the system and, in a perfect leftoid world, take the site down, ideally for good. If your browser has been slow to load our pages, or if you have noticed that linking from Google search results is slow to the point of hair-tearing, such an attack may well have been the reason.

The message many are seeing is an annoying, but needed, precaution. It signifies that all incoming readers are human, rather than a few short lines of DOS code.

Quadrant isn’t the first site to become a target. Follow the link below to learn how the hackers’ war on those with whom they disagree has been going on for quite some time.

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