Incompetent. Always.

swans hedswans win!Sydney residents and others who barrack for the Swans in the AFL competition saw their team’s season end in disappointment with a Grand Final loss to the magnificent Western Bulldogs. Even more comic in its ineptitude than normal, The Age proceeded to re-write history by publishing an advertisement that consoled the victors for their “defeat”. Two ads had been prepared and that abject wreck of a newspaper sent the wrong one to press.

Well, that was just some bozo in the advertising department messing up, right? Seasoned journalists wouldn’t make such a gross error in the news pages, right?

Turns out they can and did.

Atop this post is a paragraph screen-grabbed from a “Swans Win” story that the sad, addled Age ran even as the Bulldogs were doing their victory laps of the MCG. The story was taken down soon enough but, this being Fairfax Media, the simple task of obliterating error has also proven too much for whatever limited reserves of competence are yet to be found in a news organisation bent on self-destruction.

So, if you are a Swans supporter and would like to read the way the big game should have gone, click the link below and read reporter Tim Lane’s account of Sydney’s crushing triumph. Gone from The Age‘s site, nine days later the story remains available to all at one of Fairfax’s  bush rags, the North West Star.

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