Those imponderable stairs

throw granny down the stairs

It is the morning after the Budget of the night before and, out here in Taxpayer Land, warmists are conjuring with customary enthusiasm imaginative way to spend other people’s money. This is not surprising, given Treasurer Scott Morrison’s re-affirmed commitment to supporting Climate Alarmists Inc — $500 million, for example, to save a Reef that is in no danger — so the usual suspects have taken the latest cues and are getting their stories straight.

Take, for example, today’s annual meeting of the Climate Adaptation 2018 conference in Melbourne, where Sydney University Faculty of Health Sciences’ Dr Leigh Wilson is fretting at the lectern about elderly citizens’ ability to get in and out of high-rise apartments in the event of blackouts. She explains:

‘Only 5 per cent of aged care facilities have back up power generation, and people are unaware whether their apartments have back up power,’ said Dr Wilson. ‘People assume electricity will continue, that there will be access to air conditioning or a fan, and people haven’t thought about how to get out if the power goes down and lifts aren’t working. It highlights that people living in high-rise buildings don’t know they are at risk.’

As every other speaker at the conference, judging by the program, is absolutely certain that horrific temperature increases are on the way, cheap and reliable electricity, rather than being immediately identified as the obvious solution, is cast as the problem. Perhaps one needs to be an academic to be so obtuse, although the basic human instinct to spy and snaffle free stuff appears entirely intact.

What opportunities would there be for securing grants to study how best to get old folks up and down the stairs if an efficient fossil-fuelled power station is humming unremarkably along at the other end of Granny’s power cord? Basically none.

A range of conference papers can be found here or via the link below. And do make a point to look at the event’s sponsors. Yes, our governments and tax-supported institutions are hard at work to make sure there are more taxes to support more climate-related research at more universities. Funny that, eh?

(Note: The picture atop this post is a still from Kiss of Death (1948). These days, the giggling villain played by Richard Widmark could probably get a climate-study grant to facilitate old ladies’ descent of staircases, a carbon-neutral activity.)

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