young chip thinks hardThe butchery in Paris — the latest episode — happened only a couple of hours ago, so there has not yet been time for the soma-peddlers of the professional media to regurgitate the stock line that it is Muslims who are the real victims of an attack that may well have claimed the lives of scores of non-Muslims. Coming soon, as sure as night follows day, there will be denunciations of “Islamophobia”, followed by the insight that food poisoning/sharks/road accidents/pick-your-peril kill many more people than terrorists, therefore it can only be bigots and xenophobes who think of Islam and Western civilization in terms of oil and water. Expect the ubiquitous Walleed Aly to dust off the line that Muslim terrorists are no more troubling than “an irritation” and, even sadder, count on the Fairfax Press and ABC to run every sophist word. If his fellow MEAA members are of a mind, they may even award Aly another Walkley for his trademark journalism and agreeably obtuse analysis.

He’ll face competition, though. Another member in good standing of the ABC’s JMC — that would be the Just Mates Club — has already taken to Twitter with the first of the those pro forma reactions to the slaughter on the Seine. Chip Rolley, Anne Summer’s swain and happy appointee to the editorship of The Drum, punched out the message reproduced atop this post as the first reports came over the wires. It boils down to this: Forget Islam, it is those American gun nuts who are the real worry. Why, the thought of them makes poor Chip “feel sick”. As to the latest many whose lives have been snuffed out in the name of Allah, well all those bodies inspire his wish that the French “community” stand together

The Islamists will like that. Large groups make easier targets.

As both a reminder and a foretaste of the reaction the Paris massacre is certain to inspire, Aly’s earlier dismissal of Meccan malevolence can be read via the link below. As to Editor Chip’s input, click on the image above to read noxious vacuity writ large

Civilisation’s enemies come in all shapes and forms. Many don’t even sport beards.

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