Help for anxious children

greenhouse guideYoung people face many worries and uncertainties as they grow toward adulthood, so it really is immensely unfair that those with agendas work so hard to add to their burdens. Physicist John Reid has set out to relieve one of those fostered anxieties with A Young Persons Guide to the Green House Effect. A sample:

Because the environment scare and the nuclear war scare were fresh in people’s minds they decided that the two things were connected and that rising CO2 must be causing the temperature to go up. They started calling CO2 a ‘pollutant’ like DDT and radioactive fallout. The increase in CO2 is supposed to be due to humans burning coal and oil in industry, but there are other explanations for it.

Many scientists believe there has been an hysterical over-reaction to these  observations and that, apart from the fact that both CO2 and temperature have both been increasing recently, there is really no evidence to connect the two things. It is just a delayed reaction to the ‘Future Shock’ of the scary 1950s.

The full guide can be downloaded below. Do some fretful kid a favour and share the link

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