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All aboard the green tax-burning climate express.

One of the common gripes of those who would have us believe the world has been placed in mortal peril by CO2 is that the planet-wreckers’ apologists are funded by Big Oil, Big Coal, Big Capitalism and Big Everything Else. It is a myth, of course, a faux conspiracy peddled by those who grasp that if they are to present themselves as saviours, they need a devil or two to represent the evil from which only their steadfast green resolve can save us. As a stratagem it is also a neat way of redirecting attention from the lavish state funding that is building so many climateers’ careers.

Late in 2017, yet another green snout was brought into being and very quickly immersed in the trough of taxpayer funding. Don’t laugh — at least try not to laugh — but it it is called The ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes (CLEX).

Its latest annual report (2018) makes interesting reading, particularly the statements of past and forward budgeting to be found on page 100 of this .pdf file.  Listed amongst the escalating projections for salaries and other expenses over the years to come there are numerous entries for “travel, workshops and meetings” and other Gaia-pleasuring missions involving suitcases and room service.

The projected total for travel, funded jointly by the ARC folks and allied universities?

Why, an astonishing $5.4 million by 2024!

That’s an awful lot of carbon-spewing flights to interesting locations with nice sheets and plenty of career networking opportunities.

If warmist hypocrisy could reduce greenhouse gases there would be none at all.

— roger franklin

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