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Some people don’t have the highest opinion of large law firms, so Maurice Blackburn’s declaration that it will represent those vilified and harassed in the course of the debate about gay marriage is a welcome development.

Until now those who had hoped to attend a public meeting in Sydney to discuss the matter would have had to dig into their own pockets to seek redress from those whose bomb threats and harassment of staff led the hosting hotel to cancel the event.

It is good news, too, for the Tasmanian preachers who have been hauled before their state’s Human Rights Commission for speaking against same sex-marriage, a fate that also befell Catholic bishops when they distributed to the faithful a pamphlet re-stating their church’s belief that marriage can only be between a male and a female.

And the Australian Christian Lobby might also have reason to celebrate, given that the organisation’s Canberra headquarters was severely damaged by a car bomb late last year.

As for poor Margaret Court, she was harassed and ridiculed on national TV for begging to differ with those seeking to re-write the long-accepted dictionary definition of marriage.

It’s all grist for Maurice Blackburn’s pro bono mill — and to their immense credit as well, as the law firm officially supports same-sex marriage. Isn’t it terrific how even-handed they are in defending everyone’s right, pro and con, to speak freely and without fear on a matter of considerable public interest.

So get in touch if your public meeting has been cancelled, you’ve been spat upon, abused by a shrieking Twitter posse or made the target of a lawfare complaint to a taxpayer-funded “anti-discrimination” tribunal. It couldn’t be that Maurice Blackburn believes that only side of a debate is entitled to a civil hearing, surely not!

Call them up and tell those lawyers your story …. and  just see how far you get.

The law firm’s press release and contact number are available via the link below.

— roger franklin

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