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Green energy
good and hard

The voters of Warringah have spoken: they’re all for renewables and, not being hypocrites, will undoubtedly wish to be seen leading the way to that clean, green future we keep hearing about. Hence the petition which seeks to dot the Manly foreshore and other locations with arrays of wind turbines. You can sign it here, and do make a point to tell ’em Zali sent you.

Once those wind turbines are in place, the 35,477 voters who declared Ms Steggall their first preference will be eager to begin work on Stage Two: a giant incinerator and chimney for generating even more clean, green Gaia-friendly energy from rubbish trucked-in from all over Sydney.

No doubt somewhat down in the dumps that the beastly Coalition was returned to the government benches despite all polls and expectations to the contrary, Warringah voters need cheering up. What better way to lift their spirits than helping them to live by and with the schemes they’re so keen to impose on everyone else?

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