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Get ’em young

Those who don’t live in NSW or enjoy an online subscription to The Daily Telegraph may have missed the latest column from Miranda Devine, who presents further sad evidence of what happens to young minds when green ideologues masquerade as teachers. As you might have guessed, her topic is Friday’s kiddie climate march. The views her interview subjects express should concern all who care about education in Australia and, of greater immediate impact, the mental health of children who have been made pawns of Gaia cultists, rent-seekers and social engineers.

“These are good kids,” Miranda acknowledges. “They are idealistic and altruistic. Their passion is admirable. But their youthful idealism has been exploited by adults who have frightened them needlessly with exaggerated predictions about the climate.”

“Frightened” doesn’t capture the half of it. Below, a sample of the green terrors that afflict just two of those agitated innocents.:

“We need climate action. We need to be 100 percent renewable. We need to make sure we have futures and our kids have futures, because it has always been my dream to start a family and now I feel like I would be burdening them because they have to live in a society where they might just walk outside in winter and get sunburnt because of how bad climate change is.” – Keisha

“I just don’t understand why no one talks about it. Obviously now we’re having a change. But people are actually voting for people like Scott Morrison and it’s ridiculous because he’s a monster.” – Estella

The poor kid is so distressed at the thought of what the “monster” Morrison is allowing to happen, she bursts into tears and collapses on her friend’s shoulder.

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