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Funded fulminators

A near-certain way to ascertain the worth of something is to take note of those who hate it. On that basis TV personality Kerri-Anne Kennerley is one with the angels.

Ms Kennerley, as readers might have heard, wondered aloud how many of those marching about and impeding traffic to denounce Australia Day had ever raised finger or voice against child sex abuse in Aboriginal communities, decried the endemic violence or done anything to stop Aboriginal kids killing themselves. She was immediately set upon by fellow panelist  Yumi Stynes, who branded her a racist for raising the topic.

A video clip of that on-air altercation is embedded in Anthony Dillon’s essay at left.

Well didn’t that just bring out all the usual suspects for a classic Twitter pile-on!

Click on any of these names to see how the howl-’em-down Left goes about its business:

Taxpayer-supported Benjamin Law

Taxpayer-supported Mehreen Faruqi

Taxpayer-supported Sami Shah

Taxpayer-supported Prof Ghassan Hage

Taxpayer-supported Sarah Malik

Taxpayer-supported Beverley Wang

All that tweeting, it makes you wonder if the Left’s fulsome access to the public purse is such a good idea.

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