Follow the money…

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The spirit is upon Dr Roy Spencer, who knows a thing or two about weather and climate — and has even better grasp of incurious journalism, public funding and researchers’ nest-feathering:

“In what universe do the climate models built to guide energy policy [not get adjusted]  to reflect reality when they over-forecast past warming by a factor of 2 or 3?

And where people have to lie about severe weather getting worse (it hasn’t)? Or where we have totally forgotten that more CO2 is actually good for life on Earth, leading to increased agricultural productivity, and global greening?

It’s the universe where political power and the desire to redistribute wealth have taken control of the public discourse. It’s a global society where people believe we can replace fossil fuels with unicorn farts and antigravity-based energy.

Feelings now trump facts.

At least engineers have to prove their ideas work. The widgets and cell phones and cars and jets and bridges they build either work or they don’t.

In climate science, whichever side is favored by politicians and journalism graduates is the side that wins.

And what about those 97% of scientists who agree? Well, what they all agree on is that if their government climate funding goes away, their careers will end.”

Spencer’s excoriation of the warmist establishment can be read in full via the link below. And if you have a spare few minutes, do follow the links above. No further proof of journalism and science’s mutual debasement will be needed.

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