Fine words, mere words

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Who said this? The embedded links might or might not provide some clues:

“How can we all be better off when the government targets independent and Catholic schools merely because parents are exercising choice?”

and this

“The opportunity to prosper is given its best chance through competitive markets—the insight reached by Adam Smith more than two centuries ago.”

and this

“It may appear a paradox but the first of my large thoughts is that we need to limit the government. Our government is too big.”

and this

“We must always remember that whenever we create a new arm of bureaucracy or expand a field of activity, we are not spending our own money; we are spending the money of our citizens who look to us as the guardians of their wealth.”

and this

“The reduction of our per capita consumption of energy and non‐renewable resources is necessary … but part of being responsible is knowing what it will cost, who it will impact and how communities and businesses will need to react.”

To learn who uttered these fine sentiments, follow this link or the one below.

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