Frequently Asked Questions

Editorial Questions

How can I get my book reviewed by Quadrant Magazine?

Please send all books to the editor, Keith Windschutte

Postal address is:

Quadrant Magazine,
2/5 Rosebery Place, Balmain
NSW 2041

As we receive many books for review consideration, we do not keep a log of the books that arrive.

Can you send me the email address for one of your contributors?

Sorry, we do not offer contact information about contributors to Quadrant; however, you can send a letter in care of the editors, who will forward it. If you are interested in responding to a review, article or letter by a specific author or contributor, please contact the editors.

Can I reprint material from Quadrant Magazine?

For permission to reprint, copy, or distribute material published in Quadrant, please contact Quadrant editor Keith Windschuttle at

Can I put a link to this site on my own site?

If you would like to provide a link from your Web site to ours, you are free to do so, with the following exceptions. The contents of this site—text, graphics, etc.—are copyrighted to Quadrant Magazine. We do not allow people to copy articles from this site and post them on another site without permission. Similarly, if your site is set up to “frame” the contents of this site, or makes it appear as if pages here are hosted on your site, you must request permission for the link from Keith Windschuttle. Otherwise, you are more than welcome to provide links to any section of the site. Pages on this site may occasionally move, change names, or be removed; Quadrant Magazine is not responsible for maintaining links to the site from elsewhere on the Web.

How can I order a back issue of Quadrant Magazine?

Please use the search form to locate the issue desired, and then fill out the Feedback Form below, or fax request to (+61) 02 8580 4664. Back issues are $12 if mailed to an address in Australia, $18 elsewhere. Please enquire as to the availability of back issues as not all will be available.

Advertising Questions

I’m interested in placing an advertisement in your magazine. Who should I contact?

Please call (+61) 02 9818 1155 or email

Advertising rates are here.

Subscription Questions

I’ve moved. How can I change the address for my print subscription?

Please call  (+61) 03 8317 8147 or use our feedback form and select “subscriptions” as the category. Be sure to include both your current address and your new one.

I recently ordered a subscription and have not yet received my first issue. When will it arrive?

Quadrant publishes ten issues each year. Generally you should expect to receive your first issue 4-6 weeks after subscribing. If the delay seems unreasonably long, contact us by filling out the Feedback Form below.

Can I order a gift subscription on this site?

Yes. Go to the subscriptions page and select gift as the subscription type when filling out the subscription details.

How can I renew my subscription on this site?

Go to the subscription page and select renewal as the subscription type when filling in your subscription details and your subscription will be renewed.

How long is a subscription?

A subscription to Quadrant is for one year, the magazine is published 10 times a year.

Is there a February or August issue?

Yes & No. February is part of a double Jan-Feb issue and Aug is part of the double Jul-Aug issue.

What if my printed copy has not arrived or arrives damaged?

Tell us by filling in the Feedback form below.

I don’t have a credit card, can I pay by cheque or money order?

Yes. Cheques or Money orders need to made out to Quadrant. Send a completed form or letter with all your details (including which issue you wish to begin with) to QuadrantMagazine, Locked Bag 1235, North Melbourne VIC 3051, Australia.

What currency can I pay in?

Australian dollars only.

How is the magazine delivered?

Mail in Australia is delivered by Australia Post and overseas mail is all sent airmail.

What is Quadrant’s street address?

2/5 Rosebery Place, Balmain, NSW, 2041, Australia. Please phone before visiting the office.

Still need help.

Fill in the form on the Contact page and someone will get back to you