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Regardless of how one feels about abortion, news of a lone gunman’s murderous rampage at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs leaves no doubt the procedure’s opponents could take a leaf from the Religion of Peace™. Instead of mere prayers for the dead and the earnest insistence that violence is not, and never has been, part and parcel of the anti-abortion movement, its leaders could follow the Grand Mufti’s example and explain (without really explaining) why such attacks happen and, more to the point, why they will continue to happen.

Below, in slightly altered form, his Muftiness’ reaction to the latest slaughter in Paris:

“…strategies to deal with anti-abortion violence are not working. It is therefore imperative that all causative factors such as aggressive atheism, Christian-o-phobia, curtailing freedoms by actively monitoring known anti-abortion radicals, duplicitous foreign policies supporting countries where abortions take place, and police actions against violent extremists must be comprehensibly addressed.”

There, that should do it! Issue that statement as a press release and it will be smiles all ’round, as per the snapshot (above) of the Mufti with two bonza cobbers. One day, when multiculturalism inspires the Mufti to learn English, he will understand the meaning of that term and the immense worth of indulgent friends.

For a further insight on the correct attitude anti-abortion campaigners might adopt, follow the link at the foot of this post to the Australian website Muslim Village, where a newly posted article prompted by the Colorado Springs massacre details the many ways in which Islam’s terrorists are treated so unfairly. The article comes with a disclaimer that it should not be taken as reflecting the views of Muslim Village’s operators. Fair enough, but why post it in the first place?

The comments thread below this second article is no less illuminating.

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