Dinner with James Allan

democracy in declineJames Allan, author of the newly released Democracy In Decline is the guest speaker at the next Quadrant dinner, to be held on Wednesday, June 11, at the University and Schools Club, 25 Bent Street, Sydney.  Click here for details.

In Praise of Professor Allan’s book, Mark Steyn writes:

“Something very odd is going on. The core anglophone democracies – among the oldest, most stable, constitutionally-evolved societies on earth, and the indispensable members of that small group of western nations which resisted the totalitarian temptations of the 20th century – have been spending the first years of this new millennium in a remorseless retreat from liberty. In a commanding and trenchant analysis, James Allan examines this disturbing phenomenon, and the supple, slippery threats to real freedom and representative government from ersatz “human rights” and transnationalism. This is an important book that charts free nations’ beguiling seduction into soft tyranny. If we are to reverse it, we will need more voices like Professor Allan’s”

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