A day that lives in infamy

lenin stalinOne hundred years ago today (October 24), Lenin’s bolsheviks seized power in Russia and the world has been a worse place ever since. Essays by the gross will be written to observe the anniversary, but Steve Kates at Catallaxy Files sums up the enduring consequences with a minimum of wasted words:

Here is the reality. The socialist left is filled with people whose lives are driven by envy and hatred for the productive, contented and self-reliant. Ruining their lives makes no one better off, other than those who take power … every socialist so-called solution to our existential and economic problems has been disastrous for everyone but those who seize power. Every socialist leader is a Stasi agent lying in wait.

In Ukraine, the locals have unveiled a puckish appraisal of the man whose tyranny and successors killed so many of their forebears. Follow the link below to see the re-casting of Lenin in a role for which he would have been a natural.

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