The Cuban model

cuba truckHow might we all live when concern for the planet’s health has put pay to carbon-spewing capitalism? SMH columnist Elizabeth “Barking Betty” Farrelly today provides the answer:

“…on the comfort side is Cuba which, in 1990, with Russia’s connivance, became the no-oil test case. Everyone expected disaster but found, when forced to walk, work and cycle more, to mend and invent, to produce bio-fuel and farm organically, they lived healthier, longer lives and formed stronger, more energised communities.”

Some elements of Cuban society are, however, “stronger and more energised” than others. Take the truck in the picture above, for example, which escapees from Castro’s paradise converted to a seagoing vessel and “drove” to Florida.

See, there really is something to be said for assuring adequate supplies of Farrelly’s favoured “bio-fuel”.

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