Crossed-out at Their ABC

cross-out abcIt must have been an interesting pre-show planning session when 7.30 staffers gathered to formulate the follow-up to Friday’s Paris massacre. Backlash was the obvious theme, as is always the case, and the thin gruel of that standard diversion was dutifully served up, as the photo atop this post testifies. Poor old Islam! Its adherents murder scores of innocents, the local mufti blesses their goals and grievances with his shameful, softly-softly statement of sympathy for the dead and injured, and the ABC goes looking for cult-clad victims of cold stares and suspicious glances.

While 7.30 touched all the required bases, there is one thing the ABC pointedly did without. Notice the Eiffel Tower peace symbol above. Now take a closer look and compare it with the original below

cross out originalIn the original there is a cross. The ABC’s altered version erases it.

Hat-tip to commenter Baldrick at Catallaxy Files, who spotted the deletion. There is much more worth reading at Catallaxy, and it can be viewed via the link below.

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