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Christianity ‘violates community standards’

When Quadrant contributor Augusto Zimmermann posted a Facebook notice about an upcoming conference that will address the rising tide of anti-Christian sentiment he had no reason to anticipate trouble: a civilised gathering, courteous speakers, ideas expounded and explored. What’s not to like?

Well Facebook begged to differ. As the notification reproduced above explains, some unnamed elf in the social media giant’s cyber workshop decided that discussing Christianity’s future “violates community standards” and blocked anyone but Augusto from seeing it.

Why a company should claim unto itself the “right” to inhibit and suppress free speech, let alone not be obliged to explain its reasons for doing so, is both a mystery and a travesty. As Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds, a US law professor, has written many times, there is an iron-tight case for bringing to bear anti-trust laws on Facebook, Twitter and other outfits. Each dominates its industry and both deem it their right to decide what their users can and cannot say and see.

The conference, by the way, will be held at held Sheridan College in Perth between 14-15 June. The program can be viewed at this link.

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