A case of Numan error

apology ringed

Now appearing semi-prominently on Fairfax Media websites:

One of the photographs run on this website, tablet and Fairfax papers in relation to the death of Numan Haider was published in error. The young man in a suit was not  Mr Haider, and we unreservedly apologise to him for the error.

The young man has no connection whatsoever with any extremist or terrorist group and we deeply regret any such inference arising from  the publication of the photograph. The picture has been withdrawn from circulation.

It is funny the things that get published when editors are no more than nameplates on doors.

UPDATE: Competence levels at Fairfax are dropping faster than human heads. First, the wrong man is identified as a knife-wielding Islamic radical. Now this Sydney Morning Herald announcement, via Twitter:apologyII


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