Bright and lively bias

holmes flapsIn the Fairfax press, former Media Watch host Jonathan Holmes explains why the business of mainstream journalism is running a deficit in credibility (not to mention circulation, readership and ad revenues.)

… the days of “objective” reporting – cool, factual, impartial, unemotional, devoid of adjectives, or personality, or any trace of personal opinion – are well and truly over. It might be admirable in theory. In practice, unfortunately, it’s too bloody dull.

It is worth bearing in mind that Holmes’ cheerful eulogy for “cool, factual, impartial” reporting appears in the SMH, a paper determined by the courts to have acted with malice in advising Sydney via its posters that Joe Hockey is the “Treasurer For Sale.”

Holmes’ screed can be read in full via the link below. But don’t delay. All those adjectives, personalities and personal opinions in which Fairfax now specialises have led its papers to the grave’s edge.

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