Bolt’s baffler

Andrew Bolt has posted an enigmatic item at his blog, writing that his employer’s gun-shy lawyers forced him to spike a blog post. The columnist, you might recall, came to grief in the courtroom of Judge Mordecai Bromberg, who ruled that he had stoked the fires of racial animosity by daring to note that some remarkably pale Aborigines had advanced their careers, and done quite nicely in the process, at the taxpayers’ expense.

What could this item have been? The only hint Bolt provided was that the deep-sixed blog post concerned “a recent publication” by DFAT. Talk about red rags and bulls! No sooner had the post gone public than cyber sleuths were picking through DFAT’s website in an ad hoc effort to solve the mystery. Various theories were soon being shared on blogs and via social media.

Could the offending item be the official profile of “Sarah — Indigenous cadet”, a former Fairfax journalist and now “Desk Officer, Trade and Economic Diplomacy Division”?


That is Sarah’s picture, copied from the DFAT website. Her full DFAT profile can be found here, including advice to fellow Aborigines that, in Canberra, “it just takes a little bit of time to work out how to fit in.”

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