Blown opportunity

human hand grenade 2Before detonating himself in the cause of Allah and his notion of a better world, beardless youth Jake Bilardi saw another career option:

“I found myself excelling in my studies, just as my siblings had, and had dreamed of becoming a political journalist.”

Muslim “diversity” fodder ✔

Cheap to hire ✔

Strong sense of mission ✔
Parrot-like regurgitator of toxic tosh ✔

What a pity ISIS signed up young Jake before either Fairfax or the ABC recruited him. He could have been writing front-page headlines about Joe Hockey by now.

Bilardi’s blog, “From Melbourne to Ramadi: My Journey“, has been stripped of written content and now showcases only the image of an ISIS flag. His last post, however, was captured in full by the anarchist blogger Slack Bastard, whose site is worth visiting to see how standard-issue left-green views about the evils of the West, imperialism, democracy and the glories of universal victimhood were an overture to the booming crescendo of a silly-smart young man’s self-sacrifice on the altar of an obscene ideology.

Visitors may find find it somewhat unsettling that Slack Bastard’s comments thread sees the first poster observe that Bilardi “was too smart for his own good”, while the second writes “I find myself agreeing with a lot of his thoughts.”

Bilardi’s manifesto is available in full via the link below.

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