Black-&-White TV

zeg bolt smallFacts, who needs ’em? Certainly not the ABC, which has so far done nothing to correct a deluge of slanders directed against columnist Andrew Bolt on last week’s QandA. Bolt is attempting to extract an apology or, at the very least, a correction from ABC Managing Director Mark Scott, who also bills himself as “editor in chief” — a title, if it is to be taken seriously, that implies some responsibility for keeping a supervisory eye on what underlings put to air. So far, Scott’s loudest supporter is Mark Dreyfus, who does not represent much of a defence.

Zeg has also been watching the ABC, and given that the national broadcaster is spending big on lawyers in its attempts to deny that The Chaser‘s depiction of a conservative columnist having sex with a dog is a libel, he doesn’t think Bolt has grounds for optimism.

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