climate penguin II

Many Quadrant readers have long suspected that your standard-issue climate catastropharian is something of a goose, albeit not when it comes to extracting subsidies and grants from the public purse, a pursuit at which they are very good indeed. Well it seems that impression is wrong. Rather than being metaphoric members of the Anatidae family  your ardent warmist is a penguin. One with political ambitions to boot.

Take it from no less an examplar of climate hysteria than Al Gore, who has endorsed a penguin going by the name of “Earth” as a congressional candidate in the upcoming US midterm elections. This will strike examples of sane humanity as absurd — like global warming itself, truth be told — but your climate change zealots think it makes wonderful sense. They would, of course. On Twitter, Gore enthuses:

She’s a penguin of the people and she’s got my vote. Consider this my official endorsement of Congressional candidate @EarthForAmerica. Check out her platform at  and make sure to vote on Nov 6! #StandWithEarth

To see what climate activists get up to when not forcing electricity prices to obscene heights and hectoring normal folk about their alleged sins against Gaia, follow this link or the one below.

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