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Bettina excised

In The Australian, Bettina Arndt writes of being approached and interviewed for the SBS documentary Is Australia Sexist?

… the independent Perth-based film company Joined Up Films, which did much of the filmmaking, intended to make a more balanced program about sexism. Indeed, they encouraged me to take part because the survey results showed quite a different picture from the male-bashing dogma SBS is promoting.

Darren Hutchinson, one of the producers, made the point that he wanted to include discussion of how a minority feminist group is affecting men’s rights issues: “The survey statistics support your views, which is why we’ve asked you to contribute to the doc. It’s not a token segment, it’s a profoun­d insight that require­s a credible voice to give it context.”

Having demolished the statistics of universal oppression, Bettina has now learned, to her relief and that of fellow interview subject Renee Gorman, that both women ended up on the cutting room floor.

Gorman and I were greatly relieve­d to discover that our interviews weren’t included in this blatan­t propaganda exercise. We were aware how easy it would have been for our long interviews to be edited to misrepresent us. What’s the bet that none of the survey results that challenge the SBS narrative are mentioned?

The show, to air on December 4 is “the usual ideological spin we have come to expec­t from public broadcasters.”

Very much un-spun and to the point is Bettina’s conversation with Quadrant contributor Augusto Zimmermann (pictured above) about domestic violence, bogus accusations and how they figure in immigration residency scams.

That clip can be viewed in full at this link.


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