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‘Bags of wind at
Glasgow’s pantomime’

As world leaders, their retinues, activists, renewables rent-seekers, mendicant Third World corruptocrats and jet-setting green hysterics gather to posture and preen for their COP26 media courtiers, we’ll endure hours of news footage and a broad acreage of cookie-cutter prose about the so-called ‘climate crisis’.

Above, GBNews‘ Neil Oliver provides the advance antidote for Glasgow’s green gush of mush.

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  • Lewis P Buckingham

    ‘By their works you shall know them’
    The Gospel of the day is somewhat apt.
    In his teaching Jesus said, ‘Beware of the
    scribes who like to walk about in long
    robes, to be greeted obsequiously in the
    market squares, to take the front seats in
    the synagogues and the places of honour at
    banquets; these are the men who swallow the
    property of widows, while making a show of
    lengthy prayers. The more severe will be the
    sentence they receive.’
    The widows are an exemplar of the truly poor.
    The incompetence shown in formulating a coherent plan in this latest COP may actually be good thing.
    The majority of the poor in the planet will still be benefiting with base load power from some variety of fossil fuels, while the CO2 feeds the planet.

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