At the ABC ‘whites are c***s’

black comedy II

As Gerard Henderson notes in his latest Media Watch Dog, the national broadcaster’s unrestrained affection for the procreative vulgarity is now being extended to the frequent use of the Anglo-Saxon term for female genitals. Andrew Bolt also observes that the obscenity, which not so long ago would have drawn a stiff fine from any magistrate, is now an unremarkable element of on-air parlance.

And just to make sure that viewers understand that “c***” is perfectly acceptable at Southbank and Ultimo (although not, perhaps, if directed at Managing Director Michelle Guthrie), a promo for the upcoming season of Black Comedy uses the term as punchline and punctuation.

Readers keen to see just how much salty language an unsupervised $1.4 billion can buy are invited to view the clip via this link or the one below.

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