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Ask a silly question…

Until yesterday, the sharpest response to a question from a dopey Australian reporter is said to have come from Ava Gardner, who was shooting On the Beach in Melbourne when asked what she thought of the City on the Bay.

“The perfect place to make a film about the end of the world,” was the line that ran in the Sydney Morning Herald under the byline of Neil Jillett, who later admitted it was such a great quote he had to invent it.

Now, at last, there is a genuine put-down of Australia’s intrepid and fearlessly independent press corps — indeed, courtesy of the visiting Tucker Carlson, there is a whole withering bunch of them.

Click here to catch Carlson dealing sternly with an SMH reporter who thinks Covid jabs “saved tens of millions of lives”, and then shutting down a young AAP hackette pursuing the bizarre mission of attempting to blame him for mass shootings and racial prejudice. Between those two smack-downs there is a blast at the ABC so cutting even Tony Thomas would be jealous.

UPDATE: The evening can be viewed in full here.



8 thoughts on “Ask a silly question…

  • Simon Mundy says:

    I hope that Quadrant is not touting Tucker Carlson as a source of truthful and reliable journalism. If so, please watch his cringe-worth “interview” with Vladimir Putin.

    • Simon Mundy says:

      I quite like “cringe-worth” but actually meant “cringe-worthy”.

    • dtu31393 says:

      Putin!!! Did Putin force you to have the jab?

    • Bruce Bailey says:

      Who would YOU suggest as a source of truth Simon? Carlson merely points out that news media are paid and owned propagandists who do as they are told by their masters.
      If after the last 4 years you have missed this glaringly obvious truth his delicious pearls of truth and satire are unfortunately wasted on you.
      As for his opinions, as he himself clearly calls them, you are free to disagree but I would suggest you listen first with an open mind.
      One thing is certain he clearly articulates what those ordinary people who actually think for themselves believe They are finally rattling the bars of their cages and big brother out of fear and insecurity will react, as always by more slurs, lies, propaganda and repression.

  • Twyford Hall says:

    A note for the AAP journalist at the end: “Prior Preparation Prevents P… Poor Performance”.

  • Sindri says:

    “What do you think of our Harbour Bridge?”, said a dopey reporter to Sir Thomas Beecham in Sydney. “It is too big, it ought to be removed” drawled Sir Thomas.

  • Watchman Williams says:

    In the Germany of 1933 to 1945, a journalist wouldn’t gain access to press conferences or obtain interviews with Government officials and ministers without being a member of the Nazi Party.
    The same thing is happening in Australia today. The fascist spirit doesn’t change and conformity to the agenda of the Deep State is still a prerequisite for access.
    For those who were not already aware, the Goebbelsian character of our media was vividly exposed by Tucker Carlson during his Australian tour.
    Thanks Tucker!

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