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As Justices ponder

Blogger Currency Lad writes of Cardinal Pell’s appeal to the High Court and David Marr’s rueful prediction that it might not go as he and the ABC lynch mob would prefer:

… the Victorian Office of Public Prosecutions rejected the first brief of ‘evidence’ against Pell. Submitted again, it was rejected again. Not a lot of convincing so far. Victoria Police – whose numskull in-house legal team signed off on Lawyer X – pursued charges anyway of their own volition. Suggesting this anti-Pell (and corruption-plagued) constabulary was “convinced” to believe the so-called victim’s story is laughable. VicPol ran ads to incite any old (or even brand new) yarns about the Cardinal doing the rounds. They reeled in several “victims” – all but one of whom were dismissed as fabulists or lunatics. At least two of them were ex-cons. One was jailed for bashing his girlfriend. He was treated deferentially by the ABC; the national broadcaster will never accept the word of a domestic violence perpetrator – except when he has accusations to make against a Catholic prelate…

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