Art how she is painted


Richard Bledscoe takes a keen interest in the art scene and publishes a little blog, Remodern Review, that is always worth a visit. In a recent post he wrote:

In case you haven’t followed the stultifying degeneration of the contemporary art scene,  you might not know Conceptual Art has been the Next Big Thing for about 50 years now. In Conceptual Art, the idea is now an “artist” only needs to have an idea. The actual object can be made by someone else, or be an already existing common object put into a new artistic context,  or maybe even not be made at all, but only exist as a documented thought. If a new tangible object is produced, it’s likely been farmed out to anonymous technicians who have actual skills. But it’s the name brand artist who takes the credit and the big money. The lack of actual ability and accomplishment is disguised by lots of pseudo-intellectual academic jargon, designed to obscure rather than illuminate.

That essay can be read in full via the link below. Many others are worth likewise attention, especially these thoughts on art that has been circling the plughole of Marcel Duchamp‘s urinal since 1917.

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