‘Anti-racists’ burn a flag or two

burning flagAcross Australia yesterday, citizens turned out in numbers large and small to demonstrate their support for female emancipation, separation of church and state, and the equality of all races and religions before the law.

Predictably, they were jostled, spat upon, and denounced as ‘Islamophobic’ racists and Nazis.

Their accusers? The usual suspects — Socialist Alliance shriekers, scruffy Trots, unions’ rent-a-mobs and ‘refugee advocates’.

And just for good measure, the ferals whom the ABC chose to endorse as ‘anti-racists’ burned an Australian flag or two (above). Fairfax’s Canberra Times (below) also is definite in identifying ‘racists’.

racist rally

The Nine network has footage from various Reclaim Australia rallies on its website. Follow the link below to see which side initiates the fisticuffs.

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