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In Twitter’s cesspit, handsome young fellow and gay-marriage supporter Andrew Meiklem describes himself as a Brisbane insurance agent — information those considering taking out a policy might want to bear in mind. Others, especially folks appalled by racist invective, might have trouble banishing the thoughts detailed in his latest tweet, reproduced above.

UPDATE: The Australian reports:

GetUp! has pulled a petition seeking the deregistering of a Sydney doctor because she appeared in an advertisement opposing same-sex marriage declaring it “inappropriate content”.

GetUp! – which facilitated the petition and described it as “powered by GetUp!” immediately distanced itself from the petition after the revelation this morning in The Australian.

The petition, which gathered more than 5000 signatures over the past five days, sought to have Sydney GP Pansy Lai face formal complaints to the Australian Medical Association and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority for her deregistration and banning from practice as a doctor.

Dr Lai appeared as one of three mothers in the Marriage Coalition television advertisement promoting the No case against same-sex marriage and criticising fluid gender theory in schools….

Got to hand it to GetUp, because this was one slick move.

First, it promotes a petition demanding Dr Lai’s professional competence be considered by medical registration authorities, which incites the Twitter posse to hound her, up to and including death threats. Then, having whipped up a splendid campaign of hate and abuse, GetUp! removes itself from the fray while the mob it has incited keeps right on howling for blood.

Follow the link below to see what GetUp! has wrought.

— roger franklin

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