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‘Anglo men’ beware!

Prime Minister Scott Morrison seems a jolly sort of chap, always ready with a smile when cameras are handy but on any normal day not likely to find much mirth in the pages of The Age and SMH. As an adult, he would likely lament that a pair of once-left-but-sane mastheads have populated their newsrooms with children seemingly determined to relive the salad days of student life by re-packaging the issues and fixations that fill the pages of Lot’s Wife and Honi Soit. Today, however, a report by Judith Ireland on Labor’s restive sisterhood must have prompted a prime ministerial grin that would put a Cheshire cat to shame.

A Labor-aligned women’s group has slammed the ‘lack of diversity’ among leadership positions in the party’s head office, saying “homogenous groupthink” from “Anglo men” meant Labor failed to sell its female-friendly policies to voters at the May federal election.

As an internal review into Labor’s doomed election campaign nears completion, EMILY’s List denounced it as ‘ineffective’ and damaged by ‘missed opportunities’, while arguing for more diversity in the party’s organisational structure…

…’White, Anglo men are not the only sources of knowledge in the party of campaign expertise,’ it said in a submission to the Labor Party’s 2019 federal election review.

It’s easy to picture Mr Morrison slapping his thigh with glee, perhaps even tossing a masculinst baseball cap into the air, at the thought of Labor rejecting all those homogenously groupthinking Anglo men — and then trying to sell that brand of ethnic-specific misandry to the electorate. Why, he must be so tickled that a donation to support Emily’s List and its further agitations could well be in the mail.

— roger franklin

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  • Max Rawnsley

    Yes The Age and SMH are consistent in their bagging of the Coalition and any non Labor state government. Its relentless with Fitzsimons in a permanent anti non Labor frenzy, Elizabeth Farrell permanently angry and Peter Hartcher trying to convert preconception to serious objective journalism. A montage of front pages will almost invariably carry an anti Coalition headline.

    I have not mentioned the Saturday Paper, now there is a rabid journal with the journalistic left overs trying hard to be objective but its not in their DNA. Maybe endemic anger and is theurapeutic?

    May 18 may have inflicted permanent damage on a few egoes but they are resilient Labor urgers. Having returned to the stage not unlike the anti Trump gang in the US and here, claiming foul in the democratic result. Hoping for the AEC to be revealed as miscounting the votes and reveal what they suspect, Shorten really won.

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