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Former NYT reporter Alex Berenson breaks quite a few stories at his Substack blog, on Friday revealing that a Parkinson’s specialist has been a frequent visitor to the White House. Today, without the courtesy of an acknowledgement, his former employer confirmed what Berenson discovered by dent of hard work fossicking in the visitor logs. Take that as worthwhile background information because the anger animating the passage below reflects a broad disgust at the partisan dishonesty of the “quality press”, not just payback for a spiteful omission:

…Try to wrap your head around what happened that night – April 27, 2024, exactly two months before Joe Biden’s infirmities exploded for the world to see.

The reporters who cover the President, who are the eyes and ears of the world on a man who controls a nuclear arsenal capable of erasing humanity, saw his cognitive decline face-to-face.

They didn’t write about what they had seen. They didn’t investigate it.

They joked about it. With each other. Privately.

[New York magazine’s Olivia] Nuzzi and the rest were part of the “conspiracy of silence” as much as any Democratic donor.

And in June, when even the most tightly controlled public events could not hide Biden’s infirmities, they wrote of “cheap fakes” (meaning, accurate and real videos) and “misinformation.” Only now that the world knows have they turned on Biden – viciously…

…I almost died working as a foreign correspondent for the New York Times in Iraq 20 years ago. That’s not an exaggeration. I cannot believe what the Times and the rest of the elite media have become.

And from Powerline, an example of the lengths to which the White House keepers must go to get their President safely from the wings to the podium and back again.

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