john cook and awardCLIMATE crusader John Cook has done rather nicely on the back of his attempts to save the planet from CO2. As the proprietor of the Skeptical Science blog he plays daily host to the like-minded, which makes him something of a minor celebrity in catastropharian circles. More than that, Cook pocketed a very nice Eureka Award of $10,000, courtesy of the Australian taxpayer, for “advancement of climate change knowledge”.

One example of the “knowledge” Cook has done so much to advance is his much-quoted assertion — the product of rigorous, unbiased and painstaking research, no doubt — that “97% of scientists” believe mankind is responsible for climate change.

If Cook can find a spare moment between accepting awards he might want to read this. Actually, no. The Spiked analysis would be last thing Cook wants to read. But anyone who is sick and tired of hearing that 97% figure bandied about will enjoy it very much indeed.


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