Sheep, enemies of Gaia

green sheep

At Jo Nova’s invaluable blog, Tom Quirk takes a detailed look at what else Australia will need to renounce if we are to set the world a virtuous example by ruining our economy to placate the climate gods. It’s not pretty. He begins:

Everyone is talking about the NEG (National Energy Guarantee) which will supposedly attain the mythical trifecta of cheap, reliable, and planet cooling electricity. In terms of meeting our Paris “commitment” Tom Quirk  wondered how we are doing in other sectors, like farms, cars, rubbish — and whether we had cut emissions there. Well, ho, ho, here’s that report. Thank you, Tom. Looks like a lot of cows and sheep will have to go. Still, we want to stop storms don’t we?
Key points:

  •     The NEG is not enough on its own to reduce Australian emissions from 608Mt to 444Mt.
  •     Most of our reductions so far have come from just two sectors: the electricity sector and from changes to   land-clearing.
  •     We’ve “achieved” nothing in other sectors like agriculture, transport, waste and industry.
  •     Methane emissions from sheep and cattle amount to 60Mt.

With enough bad luck, and poor management, plus some sacrificial lambs on the altar, we might be the only country on Earth that meets its Paris agreement. Rejoice.

Tom’s post, which expands on points made by Tony Abbott earlier this week — “the government is kidding us” —   can be read in full via this link or the one below.

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