Fair is foul at Fairfax

the age logoYou don’t get much for $2.30 these days — half a cup of designer coffee, three cigarettes from a heavily taxed packet and, if you live in Melbourne, a single copy of any Monday-to-Friday edition of The Age. Of the three, The Age represents by far the worst value for money. After all, when you’ve smoked those fags or downed the java, you will be left with a collection of butts or an empty cardboard cup as a memento of a moment’s passing pleasure.

But The Age? A bad taste is all that will linger.

Consider political correspondent Mark Kenny’s laudatory account of Tony Abbott’s swing through Japan and China. His appraisal — a genuine surprise — is that Australia’s Prime Minister isn’t the jug-eared moron Fairfax journalists (is that the right word for recent women’s studies grads and fevered warmists?) have been relentlessly keen to depict.

Kenny’s column was posted overnight and opened for reader feedback early this morning. The first three comments were pro-Abbott — comments presumably written by people who did not invest in columnist Clementine Ford’s “F**k Abbott” T-shirts, which Fairfax promoted after last September’s election.

Pro-Abbott? In The Age? Can’t have that! Good Heavens no!

Reader comments were immediately closed, quite possibly before there were complaints from later-arriving newsroom staffers who, having parked their bicycles and admired each other’s Lycra’d loins, will settle behind keyboards to compile tomorrow’s catalogue of crimes against humanity by the gay-hating, Aboriginal-stomping, planet-despoiling jackbooted fascists of the Coalition.

Now that you know what will be in Saturday’s newspaper, no need to fork out more small change that might be better spent on cigarettes.

Tobacco will kill you, no doubt about it, but you will still live longer than the dying, declining and terminally demented Age.

Follow the link below to read Kenny’s refreshingly straight-bat coverage of Abbott’s travels.


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