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Frank Devine

Older and Wiser

Product Description

Frank Devine was a brilliant writer who brought a world-wide view to editing, and happily disrespected all the pieties of Australian public life. — Chris Mitchell, Editor-in-chief, The Australian

Growing old is an aspect of the human experience only thinly covered in literature. When he reached seventy, Frank Devine decided to add to the subject by writing on what it feels like to grow old and how to do it well.

With humour and extraordinary passion for life he writes about being home alone when his wife is hospitalized, on being a grandparent, on long-term marriage, his cancer treatment and the proper attitude and attire of a man his age. He also looks back on his career in newspapers and discusses good writers and great men.

In this celebrated book a retired journalist turns himself into one of our great essayists.

Frank Devine was one of the notable journalists of his time. Born at Blenheim on the south island of New Zealand in 1931, he worked as a reporter and columnist in New Zealand, Western Australia, Chicago, New York, London, Tokyo and Sydney.

Along the way, he was editor of the Chicago Sun-Times, the New York Post, and The Australian. He was a long-time columnist for The Australian and Quadrant. He is much missed.

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Frank Devine