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Salute diversity!

hmas albatross senior officers


An old salt and Quadrant reader writes in favour of a gender-diverse military:

…many people are decrying the ADF’s emphasis on diverse recruiting, but as a RAN veteran and conservative male I want to state for the record that I not only support the policy but want to see it extended. 

Before you put this email in the rubbish bin look at this newspaper report about HMAS Albatross I have attached, and do notice the one thing the sailors in the photo have in common.

Some gender diversity would be appreciated.

When you read the article also notice the commanding officer’s background. I don’t question that she is a very competent officer. Let me say, though, I am surprised that a background in military law opened the door to the CO’s office at an operational naval air base.

As to there not being a single male among what the news report at the link below describes as “the air station’s all female command team” (pictured above), it must be nothing more than a coincidence. It is not as if the ADF has set out to socially re-engineer its upper ranks. Perish the thought!