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Difficult Concept

zeg budget small

After much bally-hoo and to the accompaniment of knees, mostly left ones, knocking in terror, Treasurer Joe Hockey has finally revealed where the state will spend stupendous sums and from whom and how it proposes to extract them. The ABC has been less-than-minimally trimmed, the arts crowd will barely see the scissors and middle-class welfare has not been materially crimped, just re-arranged a bit. Still, some grumble-bunnies cannot resist the opportunity to whine, as Zeg notes

A Little Christian Charity, Please

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Pity the stressed and overworked jihadi in Iraq at the moment. So many prisoners to shoot and so little time to do it. And those brazen women, getting about without their imam-mandated head-to-toe coveralls. The fractious ones will need shooting too. There are books to burn, infrastructure to trash, banks to loot and, of course, the obligation to honour Allah and "the religion of peace" by praying five times a day. Still, even a seventh-century fanatic has to take a break every now and again....

The Rudd Legacy

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Was it only a year ago that Team Rudd occupied the government benches? Actually, it wasn't. Back then it was noted home renovator and power-of-attorney drafter Julia Gillard who was leading the nation, but Rudd was waiting and plotting and scheming and preparing to demonstrate how a real PM goes about the nation's business. Out of power and out of Parliament, Rudd was mercifully out of mind until the Pink Batts Royal Commission put him in the witness box this week. But don't fret. Testimony concluded, he'll soon and once again be no more than a self-important and rather unsettling memory.

A Tiger, er, Taxman In The Tank

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There is no fuel like an old fuel, and don't Canberra's revenuers know it! While silicon sunshine sponges have been blessed with subsidies in the name of a solar-powered future, wind farms score tax breaks and tidal energy prototypes sink, rust or drift into salty oblivion, old-fashioned hydrocarbons -- the oil, literally, on which jobs and prosperity depend, is slugged .. and slugged ... and slugged again. Why encourage economic growth by slashing fuel taxes when it is so much easier to shake down motorists at the pump?