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The Curse of XY Chromosomes

zeg boys small

Modern educational theory some years ago embraced the notion that the problem with little boys is that they are not little girls. Roughhousing in the playground? Evidence, surely, of incipient testosterone poisoning. Rambunctious in the classroom, which can make a teacher's job somewhat more difficult? Quick, off to the school nurse for the daily dose of calm-'em-down pills. A near-instinctive urge to turn pencils, fingers, even bite-sculpted sandwiches into imaginary guns? Clearly yet one more example of the male urge to dominate and destroy. Fortunately, thanks to the feminist sensibility that shapes Big Chalk's agenda, strong women are on hand to make sure the boys behave themselves. Other threats to peace and tranquility are, as Zeg notes, somewhat problematic.

Reforming the Reichsführer

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At Nuremburg they would have used a rope and a short, sharp stop to remedy Herman Goering's inclination to consider himself a prime example of the Master Race, before which he and his kind demanded the entire rest of humanity prostrate itself. His own solution -- a cyanide capsule hidden in a jar of cold cream -- saved the hangman any trouble. But that was then. Today, as Zeg observes via the link below, the preferred cure for those imbued with bloody contempt for lesser mortals is a publicly financed course in "de-radicalisation"

Quack Climatology

How do you become a "world respected climate expert"? Well, you could study old bones, like paleontologist-turned-public spectacle Tim Flannery. Or you might win a Nobel for revealing the mysteries of T-cells, like medico Peter Doherty, who is now another go-to authority on climate change, punitive tariffs and Bjorn Lomborg's eco heresies. It's great work, if you can get it! Scare politicians into squandering billions of dollars on white elephant desalination plants and, as Zeg observes, you still get quoted by admiring reporters.