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March 12th 2017 print


Their Common Cause

Bill Leak was forced to move his home and family to a secret location after being marked for death by Islamic fascists -- real fascists, mind you, not the sort the sniveling Left perceives at every word of disagreement. He should have been able to count on the full weight and support of every government agency and bureaucrat. Instead, while the Prime Minister declined to utter four short words, 'Je suis Bill Leak', he was abandoned to the torments of the shameless Gillian Triggs and her posse of tax-funded thugs. What's the difference between ISIS and the HRC? The former is open and honest in its vindictive contempt for all who will not toe the line

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Comments [7]

  1. en passant says:

    About the only good that will come of this is that Gillian and Tim will see the devastating effect their persecution has had on a good man and will resign, while recommending that the AHRC should be disbanded as a failed example of totalitarianism gone wrong.

    Oh look, there goes another halal pig flying by …

    • Bill Martin says:

      En passant, your attitude towards Gillian and Tim is Farr too kind and extremely optimistic. You seem to assume that these despicable creatures have a modicum of human decency in their bodies while such noble traits are diametrically opposite to their miserable being. Read the Facebook filth Roger Franklin posted under Essential Reading, it illustrates perfectly the sort of lowlife inhabiting the spectrum of Gillian and Tim. – No, I did not miss the tongue-in-cheek nature of your post, just couldn’t resist adding my thoughts.

  2. Elle says:

    Rest in peace, Mr Leak.
    Such a talented, wonderful, beautiful man. Gone way too soon.

  3. Philby says:

    It really does look about time for the tar and feathers to be brought out to help send the ideological misfits of the AHRC on their way. Sadly the socialist liberal party does not give a damn about Bill Leak’s demise and if the WA experience shows anything it is to expect more of this Marxist trash when labor holds power. There are not enough voters in the country that believe in conservative politics as PHON vote shows ,10% are not enough. Vale Bill Leak you will be missed

  4. Jody says:

    Today on ‘Insiders’ (which my husband wanted to watch to see if anything was said about BL), Laura Tingle merely said “I don’t know what he was on about in recent times, but he was a great artist”.

    Snivelling, patronizing, self-serving drivel. Oh well, she’s married to Alan Ramsay – what more needs to be said!

    I don’t think Bill would want us to be depressed, so this is how I’m honouring his passing today – with the work of another genius, from the podium, who is no longer with us. This is the only thing which makes any sense to me:


  5. Jody says:

    That headline could be re-written as “Their common curse”.

    • [email protected] says:

      Thank you for revealing the Alan Ramsay – Laura Tingle hookup.