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July 19th 2017 print

Jim Campbell

Tolerating the Intolerant Grows Harder

It is only a personal observation but it seems to me that the sympathy and sums governments are spending on deradicalisation programmes, Muslim sports and outreach campaigns just aren't working. Indeed, the more indulgences granted, the more pronounced that separatism becomes

islamic facebookI love Australia. I’ve lived here all my life. But in the past decade a few things have had a negative impact on my enjoyment of this beautiful place. Let me list just a few.


I don’t want to accept these things. I don’t want to accept that a small, noisy, discordant minority is changing the way I live, and changing it for the worse. And I particularly will not accept that a concern for women’s rights and being appalled by clerics who call for the death of homosexuals makes me “intolerant” or consumed by bigotry.

Oh, and one last thing: I loathe being smeared with that ridiculous confection “Islamophobia” when I suggest that, as a secular Western society, we should never, ever tolerate the intolerant.