Put a Race Commissar to Work!

leak hipster smallIf you are a white man, woman or something in between, today is the day to scream ‘Enough is enough! No more stereotypes! No more racist libels stating as a known and certain fact that members of the pallid tribe do not love their children.’

The offender, as usual, is The Australian‘s  Bill Leak, who has this very morning slandered the melanin deficient as a group and is, obviously, in dire need of being brought to heel by the all and many taxpayer-funded commissions, councils and agencies established to defend that most sacred of our collective rights: the capacity to sool professional inquisitors onto those who offend, to bankrupt them with lawfare and legal bills and, best of all, to intimidate their colleagues to the point where self-censorship is the daily norm.

Leak’s latest assault on modern sensibilities is below. Examine its acid-etched vilification of white people — not just inner-city hipsters, mind you, but all white people by extension. The unenlightened, the insensitive and politically incorrect might assume at a glance that Leak has a particular target in mind. But our betters are better because they know better, and we must always trust those in authority.

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If Leak’s latest attack on an entire race had featured not white people but Aborigines, there would have been any number of sinecured outrage-stokers to denounce him. Even those who self-identify as journalists would put their signatures to the demand that he be first admonished, then fired, then silenced for good.

These very people draw their considerable salaries for the most part from the public purse, and their brief is to visit grief on designated third parties. So let’s get some value for their money. Below, a series of links where Quadrant Online readers can file complaints against Leak and The Australian.

The Australian Human Rights Commission — Make a Complaint portal

Australian Press Council complaint register

Keep the gripes short and simple, as most of the commissars of correctness are easily distracted, have never worked in a field where the obligation to turn a profit is paramount and, most of all, find their frontal lobes engrossed by the sound of their own voices. Race Commissioner Dr Tim Soutphommasane, for instance, is so preoccupied with identifying racism (and handing out Frisbees) he has not had a moment to satisfy Gerard Henderson’s request that he produce sources for a series of florid assertions about “the Right” and the low characters he knows populate it.

Five years have passed since Henderson made that demand and the response has been nought but a pointed silence. Obviously, Soutphommasane is so busy spotting racism where the less enlightened might never see it, that half a decade has been insufficient time to attend to what are normally regarded as standard academic responsibilities.

Roger Franklin, the editor at Quadrant Online, has already filed his complaints. You should too




  • rosross

    Fear not, since many indigenous Australians are very pallid, pale, melatonin deficient, Scandinavian looking some of them, no doubt this will be identified as another racist attack on pale-skinned indigenous. For, of course, only they experience racism.

  • ianl

    Well, Leak’s counter-point is obvious and well-enough done. But I really like the Bonfire of the Vanities angle, the punctured vanity.

  • johnhenry

    Leak is a crap cartoonist, but his real offence is not being an equal opportunity crap cartoonist.

    The what-about-ery of this post appeals to my higher nature, which is that any cartoonist should be allowed to draw crap cartoons, even if his name is Bill Leak. Or Hergé.

    • [email protected]

      I cannot agree with your opinion/assessment of Bill Leak. He is one of the most insightful commentators of the political/social scene in the world. Bill is almost half of the reason I pay my subs to the AUSTRALIAN. Nobody, anywhere in the world, has caricatured ‘parasitic elites’ such as MT and BS better than Bill has/does.

  • johnhenry

    I won’t file a complaint. What’s the point, as R. Franklin says in his last paragraph? Except of course to put on record one’s objections, which is what a comment on Quadrant does better than an ‘ooman roights complaint.

    • Jody

      Bill doesn’t draw cartoons so that they can ultimately make it to the Louvre; he only wants to satirize. His real skill, coupled with funny drawings, is his ability to connect the cultural dots and make a call about those. This cartoon here is another clever example of his ability to call up the narcissism of the inner urban lefties and their importance on self at the expense of everything else. And don’t say they all spend their time nurturing and disciplining their children; we see the signs daily of little emperor kids raised with entitlement largely and on auto pilot. I just wonder why it took him so long to make this important social observation.

  • Don A. Veitch

    Humor destroys the muck the racist, ‘hypocritical left’ throw up. It is a great weapon as they have no sense of humor and no sense of history, there are very few leftist heroes because of the character flaws they strut(Leak captures this narcissism beautifully).
    According to the ‘left’, in this world there are BAD racists, – the draftees of the Nuremberg race laws, the Nazis etc, One Nation, etc (virtually anyone they disagree with); but there are GOOD racists according to ‘the left’), these are those who hand out billions of dollar and gifts and privileges in Australia on the basis of (alleged) race, but it is all pseudo-race, it is fraud.
    Racism is allowed in this world, so long as it is ‘good’, and a Committee recommends it after a well funded Royal Commission; but making policy on the basis of ‘race’ is still racism.
    There are no races, no black blood, no white blood. There are no black rights, only human rights. Anti-Racial Vilification laws are just a variant of Nuremberg (bad) race discrimination. Time the racism (good AND bad) was ended.

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