Der Sturmer Morning Herald

Originality has long been in short supply at The Sydney Morning Herald and its Melbourne stablemate, The Age, but who would have thought those publications so bereft of inspiration that they would embrace a caricature popular in another country some 80 years ago…..

Somewhere on the editorial floor of The Sydney Morning Herald there is an office with the word “editor” on the door. It is where reader complaints should be directed, the key word being “should” because it becomes more clear with every passing day that, while a warm body might be observed occupying that space, it is clearly not that of a genuine, proper editor.

Below, the illustration the editor chose to run with columnist Mike Carlton’s weekly squirt of spleen — “Israel’s Rank and Rotten Fruit Is Being Called Fascism” —  on July 26, 2014:

der sturmer

Does that big-nosed fellow seem familiar? Below that, an illustration selected by the editor of Der Sturmer in Berlin, 1934


der sturmer2


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