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November 27th 2012 print

Philippa Martyr

Gillard’s less-than-shining knight

Out into the public eye comes our Prime Minister's light-fingered former lover, full of assurances that she never strayed from the straight and narrow. About cash deposits, he's not so sure

Bruce Wilson has finally emerged and said that his ex-girlfriend of 17 years ago knew nothing about his profitable slush fund and other unusual financial activities.

This has had the effect of making Julia Gillard sound like Sergeant Schultz, so much so that I now have trouble imagining her without a coal-scuttle helmet.

It also has the effect of making her look like a bit of a bimbo. I mean, how dumb do you have to be not to know that the married union official you are sleeping with, who has gotten you to do various bits of slightly suspect paperwork for him, is not up to some kind of mischief? This, from a law partner. It relegates Gillard to the level of inept female drug mule, or stupid girlfriend bribed to carry the Semtex aboard the El Al airliner (a la Hindawi affair, 1986).

But I suppose if it’s a case of looking like a bimbo and remaining Prime Minister, or looking like an intelligent woman and facing the music, then it’s remarkably easy to forget one’s feminist principles and start simpering about being young and naïve.

And why we are expected to believe Wilson but not Ralph Blewitt has not yet – as with so many other elements of this mystery – been satisfactorily explained.

And just while we’re on the subject of ALP misogyny, you might enjoy this little snippet:

Mr Albanese said Ms Bishop had needed to "put up or shut up".
"There are consequences for Ms Bishop’s political situation if it is not backed up."

Let’s put that through the Media Bias Translator, shall we?

Mr Abbott said Ms Gillard had needed to “put up or shut up”.
“There are consequences for Ms Gillard’s political situation if it is not backed up.”

Sounds quite different, doesn’t it? Threatening, almost.

Philippa Martyr blogs at Transverse City.